With the money raised at our Pick of the Litter thrift store, FOLCAS pays for the spay & neuter of the animals at the Lincoln County Animal Shelter and also provides financial assistance for local pet guardians who need help affording medical care, dental care, & spay/neuter for their pets.

We're grateful to have been able to maintain our full level of program services throughout the pandemic period even though we had to close the store for 5 1/2 months in 2020 and again in September 2021.

In addition to our rainy day reserves, we have been able to keep up with our commitments thanks to

• Donations from many individuals in Lincoln County and beyond
• Donations from local businesses
• Annual & supplemental grants from the So Hum Foundation of Portland
• Social service agency grants from Lincoln County and the City of Newport
• PPP loans/grants from the Small Business Administration
• Charitable fundraising programs run by Fred Meyer, the Oregon Beverage 
  Recycling Cooperative, Amazon Smile, Rite Aid, Ace Hardware, Planet Green Recycle, Goodsearch.com, 
  and WoofTrax (see the DONATE page for details)
• Merchandise sales through our volunteer-managed eBay store 

Our county’s animals and the people who care for them thank and salute you all!

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Want to know a little more about what we do?  Check out this local KNPT radio interview with FOLCAS board president Emily DeHuff and board member Christine Wisniewski                            

Local artist Julie Lamberson has brought a bright new spirit to the premises with her wonderful mural.
​You can see many other examples of Julie’s work around town and at julielamberson.com.

Friends of ​Lincoln
​County Animals

Thanks to our community’s support, FOLCAS was able to provide $144.7K in aid to the animals of Lincoln County in 2021 (a 36% increase over 2020):

☐ Support for shelter animals: $65.2K
• Direct payments to local vets for spay & neuter, rabies vaccinations, & microchipping of shelter animals (393 shelter animals fixed)

☐ Support for local pets:
• spay/neuter subsidies $32.4K (423 animals fixed)
• veterinary medical care $27.1K (207 animals helped)
• veterinary dental care $20K (60 animals helped)

☐ Total spending on direct animal services since our founding in 2009 (as of year end 2021) equals $1,001,000!

​To support and advance the health and well-being of domesticated animals in Lincoln County, Oregon

As of year end 2021
FOLCAS has spent


on direct help for the shelter animals 
and pets of Lincoln County!

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Friends of Lincoln County Animals, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing funding and assistance to the Lincoln County Animal Shelter and help for other domesticated animals in the county.

Most of the photos on this website were taken by Pick of the Litter store manager Yvonne Frausto and volunteer coordinator Brian Kinkaid

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