The News Times informed us that "Pick of the Litter" was voted Best Consignment/ Thrift Store in Lincoln County!

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​for Veterinary Care Assistance

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Friends of Lincoln County Animals, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing funding and assistance to the Lincoln County Animal Shelter and help for other domesticated animals in the county.


Quality surplus sales every Tuesday & Saturday, 10-2. 

Large selection of clothes & linens--CHEAP! HOUSEWARES, BOOKS & HARDWARE--fill a milk crate for a BUCK PLUS! Tons of FABRIC REMNANTS to keep you in stitches till HALLOWEEN!

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FOLCAS's "Pick of the Litter" Additional News​

In addition to our Pick of the Litter Thrift Store in Newport, we also have a great booth on the lower level at the Antique Mall in Newport
​(Hwy 101 & Rt. 20 in the Interstate Bank plaza).

Pet Food Collection​


(go to the Donate page to donate, and MAX Fund page to read about pets that have been helped)​

There is a bin at the Thrift Store, so bring it in! The food collected goes to the Pet Food Bank (pets of low income families) and Paws-On-Wheels (for home-bound pet owners; in conjuction with Meals-On-Wheels).

Location - 633 NE 3rd St., Newport - at the Fairgrounds. You can also drop off pet food in donation bins located at Ray's Market in Waldport.

Find a furry friend waiting for you at the Lincoln County Animal Shelter

For information about the Lincoln County Animal Shelter (including the availability of adoptable animals),


Learn More About the Top Pet Toxins of 2016: ASPCA Article

Many of the pictures on this website were taken by FOLCAS/POTL volunteer Pahl Scharping

Thanks to our community’s support for the Pick of the Litter thrift store, the Calendar of Fabulous Lincoln County Pets, and other FOLCAS fundraising projects; thanks to contributions to FOLCAS from local businesses including the Rogue Foundation, For ArtSake Gallery, JC Thriftway Market, and ​Fred Meyer; and thanks ​to your direct donations, FOLCAS was able to help the animals of Lincoln County in all these ways during 2016:

Direct County Shelter Support: $56,183

County Companion Animal Support: $57,377

2018 FOLCAS Calendars On Sale On Halloween!

See the Calendar Contest tab for more information.  You can get your copies at Pick of the Litter Thrift Store, Online, or at various locations around Lincoln County. 

"Pick of the Litter" Annex at 558 NE First at Fogarty--across from Food Share:

​To support and advance the health and well-being of domesticated animals in Lincoln County, Oregon

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!

One coupon per customer, please.

2018 FOLCAS Calendars on Sale on Halloween!           

The ANNEX is Open for Business  Tues. & Sat. 10-2   NE  First at Fogarty,  Newport

Friends of ​Lincoln
​County Animals

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And, we hope you’ll visit often and find some must-have or just-for-fun treasures. 

(541) 961-5852

This week at Pick of the Litter:  

BLUE TAGS - 50% OFF!              Ghastly & Ghostly HALLOWEEN décor galore!

633 NE 3rd Street, Newport (on the Fairgrounds): 10 AM to 4 PM - Tuesday to Saturday; 12 to 4 PM - Sunday; Donation Summer Hours - Tue/Wed/Thu/Sat  10am - 3:30pm; Sun  Noon - 3:30pm; Closed Monday and Friday

FOLCAS Moving Ahead with Improvements at Annex Location

2018 FOLCAS Calendar of
​Fabulous Lincoln County Pets - Buy Copies at Pick of the Litter or Online     STILL $10

For details on how you can help local families care for their pets with a contribution to FOLCAS, please visit our Max Fund page or call us at (541) 961-5852.​

Total 2016 Program Services Expenditures:

(a 15.5% increase over 2015)

After extensive repairs and improvements in the two buildings (shown above), FOLCAS has moved its sales annex to the East Building, then later its retail store, to this new location.  This will consolidate all operations on a single site.

UPDATE:  The East Building is the new ANNEX.  Come and shop every Tues. and Sat. Work continues in the West Building on the interior walls and other items.  Roof work done on both buildings. 


Look for updates here on the progress on necessary improvements. But, for now, it's business as usual on the Fairgrounds!