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Left: Local artist Julie Lamberson is bringing a bright new spirit to the premises with her latest mural, seen here in progress during early October.

You can see many other examples of Julie’s work around town and at julielamberson.com.

March Pets wish you
an awesome March!

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​To support and advance the health and well-being of domesticated animals in Lincoln County, Oregon

Total for Calendar Year 2018 Program Services Expenditures:

(a 15% increase over 2017)

Many of the pictures on this website were taken by FOLCAS/POTL volunteer Pahl Scharping

For details on how you can help local families care for their pets with a contribution to FOLCAS, please visit our Max Fund page or call us at (541) 961-5852.​

FOLCAS continues to prepare new property to be the New Home of
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(541) 961-5852

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Friends of Lincoln County Animals, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing funding and assistance to the Lincoln County Animal Shelter and help for other domesticated animals in the county.

Work continues at the new property.  Safety changes and other modifications to building ramps, stairs, and other elements continue as FOLCAS prepares the new buildings for it major retail spaces and sorting centers.  A new gravel drive is being added to provide a donation path for the West Building.

Volunteers are greatly needed, both during this renovation phase and to staff the new & improved store. Drop by the Pick of the Litter and let us know if you’d like to join the team!

Thanks to our community’s support for the Pick of the Litter thrift store, the Calendar of Fabulous Lincoln County Pets, and other FOLCAS fundraising projects; thanks to contributions to FOLCAS from local businesses including the Rogue Foundation, For ArtSake Gallery, JC Thriftway Market, and ​Fred Meyer; and thanks ​to your direct donations, FOLCAS was able to help the animals of Lincoln County in all these ways during 2018:

Direct County Shelter Support: $73,716

County Companion Animal Support: $58,800

And a more recent picture of this gorgeous mural

In order to help tamp down the spread of the CoronaVirus, we have closed our Pick of the Litter thrift store until it is safe to reopen, based on the recommendations of public health authorities. Meantime, you can find advice on the best ways to keep yourself and your neighbors safe at the website of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, cdc.gov. Thanks for your understanding, and best wishes for weathering this challenging time.

Friends of ​Lincoln
​County Animals

March Pets wish you
an ​awesome March!

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