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To support and advance the health and well-being of domesticated animals in Lincoln County, Oregon


Friends of ​Lincoln
​County Animals

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FOLCAS was incorporated in May 2009 as Friends of the Lincoln County Animal Shelter, Inc., to help save the Shelter when the County proposed to cut public shelter services to zero because of their budget shortfall resulting from the national economic crisis. FOLCAS worked to put a local option tax on the November ballot to fund the Shelter & Animal Services for 5 years. That measure passed with nearly 72% of the vote.

A new era for LCAS and FOLCAS began in November 2012 when the voters replaced the 5-year property tax with a permanent Animal Services Tax District. Once the Shelter’s basic operating budget was assured, FOLCAS announced our new name—Friends of Lincoln County Animals, Inc. (still called FOLCAS)—and new mission statement reflecting our new ability to help local pets as well as the animals in the county shelter.

2020 threw us a curve as Covid-19 forced us to close the Pick of the Litter thrift store for five months. The silver lining: We used the break to move the store to its new & better location, where business is booming.

In 2023, the future looks bright! FOLCAS has now passed the million-dollar mark in spending for Lincoln County’s shelter animals & pets. Thanks to our many hardworking thrift store volunteers, generous donors, & loyal shoppers, and to generous businesses & individuals in Lincoln County & beyond, we’re well on our way to the next million!


Shelter Animal Spay/Neuter FOLCAS pays to have Lincoln County Animal Shelter animals fixed before they go to new homes, helping to reduce the number of animals entering the shelter by breaking the cycle of pet overpopulation. We pay for other services provided at the spay/neuter visit, too, including microchipping & vaccinations.

Other Shelter Needs FOLCAS purchases necessary items not provided for in the Shelter’s budget, in consultation with the shelter manager in light of mutual priorities & available funds. FOLCAS paid for laundry facility repairs & upgrade in 2013; we bought the Shelter a license tag engraving machine in 2014, a new dishwasher in 2022, and a multicat kennel unit this year. We also pay for the Shelter animals’ microchips as well as cat kennel enrichment devices (privacy dens & stretcher-scratchers)

Vet Care for Lincoln County Pets Through the Max Fund (for medical care), Bella Fund (for dental care), and a spay/neuter fund, we provide financial aid to local pet guardians of limited means.
     Since its founding in January 2013 with a seed grant from Gary and Carol Allen, the Max Fund has helped nearly 5,000 local pets lead healthier, happier lives.
    The Bella Fund, begun in 2020 with an annual gift from anonymous donors, helps pay for dental care, which underlies overall health in animals as it does in humans.
     The spay/neuter fund provides subsidies toward the cost of fixing companion dogs, cats, & other animals, which is essential for their own health & safety as well as to prevent litters.
    These programs are administered on our behalf by the Central Coast Humane Society. To request help, visit centralcoasthumanesociety.com, go to the “Our Services” dropdown menu, and select “Request for Assistance Form.”              No Internet access? Call CCHS at 541-265-3719.​

Support for Lincoln County Residents ​Through the Pick of the Litter thrift store, FOLCAS provides an essential service to the community by making quality goods available at affordable prices. 

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