Friends of ​Lincoln
​County Animals

Thanks to our community’s support for the Pick of the Litter thrift store, the Calendar of Fabulous Lincoln County Pets, and other FOLCAS fundraising projects; thanks to contributions to FOLCAS from local businesses including the Rogue Foundation, For ArtSake Gallery, JC Thriftway Market, and ​FredMeyer; and thanks ​to your direct donations, FOLCAS was able to help the animals of Lincoln County in all these ways during 2019:

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To support and advance the health and well-being of domesticated animals in Lincoln County, Oregon

About Us

2019 FOLCAS Program Services Expenditures: $96.1K​

Phil DeGeorge
Around Town Publications 
Waldport, OR
541 992-0459

(541) 961-5852

Support for shelter animals:
​* Spay/ neuter $46.5k (360 animals fixed)

Support for local pets
* spay/neuter subsidies $25.6K (447 animals fixed)
​* veterinary care $24K (272 animals helped)


To date, FOLCAS has spent over 3/4 of a million dollars to help nearly
ten thousand ​Lincoln County animals lead healthier, happier lives


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FOLCAS was incorporated in May 2009 as Friends of the Lincoln County Animal Shelter, Inc., to help save the Shelter when it was threatened with closure after the national economic collapse. FOLCAS developed an interim plan for the County to keep the Shelter open for another year, then worked to put a local option tax measure on the November ballot to fund the Shelter and Animal Services for five years. That measure passed with nearly 72% of the vote.

Over the next three years, FOLCAS worked with the County and the local animal community to develop a permanent solution for the Shelter’s security while building a cash reserve to help sustain the Shelter in case property tax funding was not renewed. Our principal fundraising projects, then as now, included the Pick of the Litter thrift store (opened in July 2009) and the FOLCAS Calendar of Fabulous Lincoln County Pets (first edition 2011).

A new era for LCAS and FOLCAS began in November 2012 when the voters replaced the five-year property tax with a permanent Animal Services Tax District. The Shelter’s basic operating budget assured, FOLCAS moved the money we had raised for LCAS (almost $241K) into separate accounts exclusively for Shelter purposes, and announced our new name—Friends of Lincoln County Animals, Inc. (still called FOLCAS)—and new mission statement reflecting our new ability to help local pets in addition to the animals in the county shelter. Those original funds were all spent by the end of 2017; since then, FOLCAS’s programs benefiting both LCAS and local pets have been funded entirely by thrift store revenue, community contributions, our annual calendar, and other fundraising projects.


Shelter Animal Spay/Neuter
FOLCAS pays to have LCAS dogs and cats fixed before they go to new homes, enabling the Shelter to maintain its 100% pre-adoption spay/neuter policy, a key to breaking the cycle of pet overpopulation. We also pay for all the other services that are a necessary and normal part of a Shelter animal’s spay/neuter visit, including microchipping and vaccinations.

Support for Lincoln County Pets
FOLCAS funds spay/neuter subsidies and other vet care assistance for the pets of local families. Both of these programs are administered by the Central Coast Humane Society (541-265-3719).

Support for Lincoln County Families
Through the Pick of the Litter thrift store, FOLCAS provides an essential service to the community by making quality goods available at affordable prices.

See last year's animal program spending below.


Chris Boyle
Trevor Brittsan
 - Treasurer
Emily DeHuff 
- President
Erica Fruh 
-  Secretary
Yvonne Frausto -
​Linda Neigebauer
​Cheryl Paben 
Christine Wisniewski