Friends of ​Lincoln
​County Animals

To support and advance the health and well-being of domesticated animals in Lincoln County, Oregon

FLASH was feeling vaguely unwell. When her people took her to the vet, they were shocked to learn that her uterus had become infected. The MAX FUND helped pay for the offending organ to be removed immediately, and Flash is feeling herself again. (Hard to tell whether ​this is a "before" or "after" photo ;-)

KODIAK: When 12-year-old Kodiak’s people got him to Lincoln City Animal Clinic, they had to carry him in, he was so weak from an acute bout of vomiting and diarrhea. He was given IV fluids, and the extensive tests paid for in part by the MAX FUND enabled the doctors to rule in and out a range of possible ailments including pancreatitis, salmon poisoning, Addison’s disease, and acute renal failure and to establish an effective course of medication and treatment. Slowly but surely, Kodiak has recovered; his people gratefully report that he is once again enjoying life, eating regular food, relaxing in the sun, and going up and down the porch stairs on his own.


Soon after Lincoln County's voters passed the Animal Services Tax District in November 2012, providing permanent funding for the Animal Shelter's operating budget, FOLCAS broadened its mission to include support for other community animals besides those housed in the shelter.​

The cornerstone of the MAX FUND was a substantial donation from Gary and Carol Allen in memory of their beloved companion Max, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in January 2013.​

FOLCAS also budgets a portion of the proceeds from the Pick of the Litter Thrift Store each month for this program. However, the need in our community is so great that we must also rely on donations from local animal lovers to supplement the MAX FUND.

Please visit our DONATE page to contribute to the MAX FUND, either with a one-time gift or by becoming a monthly sustainer at whatever level you choose.

Max Fund

In the 6 years since the MAX FUND was established, it has helped more than 2,000 Lincoln County pets.

If you know of a particular local family who needs help with vet bills, you can earmark your donation for that case.
​Otherwise, your donation will go to help the next pet who needs a helping paw.

TOBY: The MAX FUND helped pay for Toby's surgery at Grove Veterinary Clinic for a life-threatening pancreatic blockage. Toby's person wrote, "Toby and I would like to thank you for your help. He's back to his playful self again—right now upside down on the back deck. I think he has a few lives left."

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Our MAX FUND for Veterinary Care Assistance helps local veterinarians provide financial aid for families facing extraordinary costs to treat pets' illness or injury.